It’s The Little Things

As mothers, we really dont get a whole lot of “me” time to try new things or do a little something to lift our mood. There’s normally always a kid needing our attention, house work that needs done, appointments that need made, meals that need prepped… days just dont have enough time.

Today though, I made time to try something new! Now this new thing may not seem like much to you, but it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time but always felt I’d look goofy with them… There’s no way they could look as good on me as they do on everyone else.

I finally tried it guys! I treated myself to a set of magnetic eyelashes! And they don’t look nearly as ridiculous on me as I thought they would.

After days of cleaning, children climbing all over me, a sick toddler, and errands to run I really needed a pick me up. I needed something to make me feel “pretty”. I know we are all beautiful and amazing but some days you just kneed that little extra, right?

I think it’s so incredibly important for us moms to take some time for ourselves, even if its something as small as trying fake eyelashes for the first time or trying a new face mask. These small things that didnt seem all that special before kids are now some of the best ways to turn our days around.

Even if what you want to do for yourself doesnt seem that huge, do it! Dont allow yourself to talk you out of it or make it seem unimportant. You deserve these small things that bring you joy. You spend your whole day taking care of everyone elses needs, remember that your needs are important and that its ok to spoil yourself sometimes too.

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